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“Being a fee-for-service internal medicine physician allows me to provide the highest quality medical care, develop long term relationships with adult patients and charge them only for the services they need.”

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Better-than-concierge medicine for adults with no annual fee

The Southdale Physicians clinic is a beautiful space designed to make adult patients feel welcome and at home. The friendly atmosphere reflects the personalized attention given by Dr. Merlin Brown and his staff to each and every patient. 

Dr. Brown’s medical practice is unique in that he offers personalized healthcare on a fee-for-service basis without an annual fee. This is not a “more expensive” form of healthcare, but actually is just the opposite. Dr. Brown’s fees are a great value for those people who have insurance plans with high deductibles as well as for people with HSAs (health savings accounts). Patients simply pay as they go for services. This business model ensures that Dr. Brown’s patients get the highest quality and most compassionate healthcare at very affordable rates. Some patients only come in once a year, and others may need frequent appointments; but both types of patients benefit from fee-for-service pricing.


An experienced, board-certified internist who partners with his patients and takes the time to really get to know them

Merlin Brown, MD, was born in Tennessee and spent his formative years on a family farm in Wisconsin. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1990 and has more than two decades of medical experience in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Dr. Brown’s patients appreciate his expert and compassionate medical care, along with the fact that he thrives on building long-term relationships with them.  

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Because this is an independent medical practice, patients get the benefit of easy access to Dr. Brown

When a patient calls Southdale Physicians their call is not answered by an electronic service. Allison who is Dr. Brown’s patient service coordinator answers the phone and is a friendly voice ready to make any appointments or answer any questions. She even greets patients by name when they walk in the door. Unless their condition is quite complicated, new patients do not need to provide any medical records for their initial appointment.  Allison will take care of the details in handling the transfer of any medical records. 

Another benefit Dr. Brown offers is that appointments can be handled via phone call when that option is more convenient for patients, especially when they are traveling. And because being responsive is so important to him, when appropriate Dr. Brown will also communicate with patients via text messages. These options give patients extra peace of mind that there is always someone actively looking out for their healthcare that is just a phone call or text away.

Dr. Brown’s list of services includes:


-Adult general medicine 

-Diagnostic and investigative medicine 

-Preventive care 


-Wellness checks 

-Men’s health issues 

-Cardiac issues 

-High blood pressure 




-High cholesterol 

-Urinary tract infections 

-Gastrointestinal issues 

-Weight loss 



As an independent doctor, Dr. Brown can do anything an in-network doctor can do and more


Dr. Brown is free to tailor the treatments he recommends for his patients the way he wants and the way he thinks is most appropriate. Because he is independent, he has the professional freedom to work within his own value system instead of within the rules and confines of a health system. He does not get any incentives or corporate directives to treat patients with a certain drug or treatment type, so his patients get the very best unbiased care.

 Dr. Brown has been on staff at Fairview for more than twenty years, so he is completely networked in and knows most of the specialists personally. This means that he chooses the very best specialists as referrals for his patients. He can also order and coordinate any necessary diagnostic tests. Dr. Brown’s appointments are not restricted by a set “7-minute time slot”. He takes as much time as needed to carefully listen to his patients.